Gentlemen, from now on we’re gonna have to earn our stories.

For a cancelling of the fascist law 6.13.1




I’m from Russia and I’m ashamed of it.

The gouvernement of my country passed a law 6.13.1.

The law which prohibits everyone from talking about homosexuality.

The law which makes teenage homosexuals illegal. Non-existent, ‘404’.

The law which legalizes bullying.

Please take a moment to sign the petition against this abominable law.

Russian LGBT community needs your help.

Help get to 1,000,000.


coming soon to a computer screen near you 
Lonesome Dreams
that Inception AU fic by Katy where Kirk extracts, Sulu runs point, Chekov builds, Uhura forges, Bones mixes chemicals, Spock invades dreams, Scotty tags along, and Marcus sells secrets to the militant Klingon Corporation 
alternatively, the best dreamsharing team in the world hunt down the mole responsible for sending one of their own into limbo in the dream world and a coma in the real world

25 May. The clases are over. Finally!

25 May. The clases are over. Finally!